Looking for a free plagiarism checker for students? Here are three effective and free plagiarism checkers that you can use to check for plagiarism.


Plagiarism is an unacceptable crime and can be harmful in many ways. Especially for students, plagiarism is prohibited as it is unethical to copy assignments, tests, reports, etc. Plagiarism can be intentional, unintentional, or mistaken. Mostly, students are unaware of the term “Plagiarism,” so how can they prevent it?

Hence, in this post, we will educate the students about plagiarism and enlist the 3 most effective and free plagiarism checkers they can use to prevent plagiarism.

3 Free Suggested Plagiarism Checkers

To find the most effective and free plagiarism checker in 2022, we deeply tested and reviewed some popular plagiarism checking tools on availability, accuracy, and speed to answer questions like, “Are they really free?” or “How much plagiarism can they detect?”. After reviewing extensively, here are the 3 suggested online plagiarism checkers.

1.     Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

plagiarism checker

The plagiarism checker by Prepostseo.com is an accurate tool for checking plagiarism in documents online. It allows you to paste the text into the input field for plagiarism checking. You can also provide the text by uploading a document.

For free users without login, it has a word limit of 1000 in a single go, while free registered users can go up to 1500 words in one attempt. A higher word count is only allowed in paid versions. However, 1500 words in one go are fairly enough for a student.

It is an extensive online plagiarism checker which matches the content with blogs, articles, pdfs, books, etc., to provide you with the most appropriate results. There is also an option for excluding specific URLs you want to skip while checking.

2.     Grammica.com


Grammica.com also has a plagiarism checker in its lineup. It does not have any option for file upload, however, pasting the content directly into the input box does work. The biggest plus is its word limit. This tool does not have any word count limit and is available for free.

It does not provide any plagiarism report at the end of processing but shows the sentence-wise checking. The results from this tool are accurate and trustworthy. It is SSL secured and uses AI to interpret sentences and match them with its wide database.

Why Plagiarism Checking is Important?

Plagiarism checking is very important, as plagiarized content can cause serious consequences. Specifically, students can face cancellation of assignments, bad grades, or even rejection in case of thesis submission.

·       Proves you are dishonest.

·       Harms the person you’re plagiarizing.

·       Restrict your mind from growing.

·       damage your reputation.

·       Chances of Probation.

·       Plagiarism will not work for you all the time.


3.     Check-Plagiarism


Check-plagiarism.com is another plagiarism checker that can check plagiarism up to 5 (Doc, Docx, Txt, and Pdf) files at once. Moreover, you can enter the text manually in the input box. It has an option for excluding URLs that you do not want to be scanned while plagiarism checking.

For students, it allows checking plagiarism for free up to 2000 words in one go. Anyhow, to get a higher word count limit, you have to purchase a pro version. In terms of accuracy and speed, this plagiarism checker is very efficient.

It is 100% secure and shows you sentence-wise results with the source of the sentence if found plagiarized. Moreover, a detailed plagiarism report is also provided after checking.

Final Words

Using plagiarized content is an unhealthy and cheap activity. You should avoid plagiarism by checking for plagiarism before submitting any content. Plagiarism removers or paraphrasers can also be used for this purpose. Still having some confusion? Read the FAQs down below.


Are plagiarism checkers accurate?

It depends on your checker; the plagiarism checkers are accurate and precise.

Is plagiarism illegal?

Yes! Plagiarism is stealing someone’s intellectual property, and every kind of theft is illegal.

Does it matter how much was copied?

Yes! The similarity index should be less than 10%.