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Best Free Online File Backup Service in 2022

Looking for a free online file backup service? Check out our list of the best free online file backup services in 2022. We've reviewed the top service

Looking for a free online file backup service now? If you’re confused to choose the proper cloud file backup service, don’t worry, here we will explain the details about the best free online file backup service for you to opt.

Why Need the Online File Backup Service?

With the digital data increased rapidly, you will find the local hard disk cannot hold all your files with daily usage. Generally speaking, if you want to store more files like your music, movies, documents, designs, and other important files, you have to buy more local hard disk to expand your local storage space. However, the expensive is quite high to get a local hard disk, like Seagate external hard drive 1TB cost you $50+, WD external hard drive 2TB cost from $60+ to $80, etc.

Besides, the local hard disk have to be backed up or you need to clonehard drive to other location to keep data safe, while the cloud storage use the powerful security measures to safeguard your data.

Therefore, many people choose to use the online file backup service with expanded cloud storage to store critical files due to the cheaper expense and security. The popular online backup service includes the Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and CBackup, etc.

The Best Free Online File Backup Service - CBackup

As the best freecloud backup service, CBackup allows you to sync and backup files from local computer to clouds, like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. Compared with other clouds, CBackup is much powerful to perform online file backup, and offers an user-friendly interface for you to easily operate the backup fast. Meanwhile, there is no file size limitation to upload on CBackup while the others set a file size limit.


Besides, It offers you the full backup and incremental backup. And the incremental backup allows you backup the changed parts since the last backup, save your backup time and cloud storage.

Easily Backup Files Online to Cloud

Now, to show you how to backup files online, we will describe how to backup local files to Google Drive for example:

1. Please download and install the CBackup desktop app, and apply for a new CBackup account and sign in.

2. Hit the My Storage tab on the left panel, then press the Add Clouds button, select Google Drive and click Add.

CBackup account

3. Follow the steps to grant CBackup to access your Google Drive files, and then complete the Google Drive information.

grant CBackup access

4. Click the Backup tab, and then press Backup PC to Public Cloud button.

Backup tab

5. Select the files and folders in the Source tab, and tick Google Drive to save the backed up files and folders.

backed up files and folders

6. Press the Start Backup button to do file backup online to Google Drive easily.

Note: There you can configure the features that helps you in Settings (on the bottom left):

l  Scheduler helps you to backup files on specific time, daily, weekly or monthly. You don’t have to backup files manually every time, enable the scheduler to backup files automatically especially when you’re not in the front of computer.

l  Email Notification: Once you set it up and test it successfully, you will get an email about the backup progress and very useful to do unattended backup.

l  File Filter is capable of excluding or including the file types as you like. Save your time and cloud storage.

configure CBackup

Cloud File Backup with 3 Steps

It’s worth to mention that CBackup has the ability to backup or sync from one cloud to another cloud directly without downloading and reuploading manually.

Now, let’s have a try to perform cloudto cloud backup:

1. Repeat the above steps to add other clouds, like Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.

2. Click the Backup section, and choose Backup Public Cloud to Public Cloud option.

Cloud File Backup with 3 Steps

3. Tick one cloud as the source, and select another cloud as the backup destination, press the Start Backup button to perform online file backup.

select another cloud

Except for the above functions, you could enjoy the following useful features while performing cloud backup:

l  Combine two or more cloud storage to increase cloud storage space for free.

l  Offers the 10GB free cloud space of CBackup Cloud, and you could upgrade to 5TB to store more files.

The Verdict

Now you have mastered how to backup files online and online cloud file backup with the best free online file backup service - CBackup. It owns multiple advantages like cost-effective, clear interface, comprehensive features, and most importantly, it’s free, why not give it a try?