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Five AI-based plagiarism removers recommended by experts

You can use Wordtue,, Plagiarism Remover,, or’s paraphrasing tool to remove plagiarism from your content, make it

Five AI-based plagiarism removers recommended by experts

If you are writing content then you must deliver unique and comprehensive results. This is because neither plagiarism nor ambiguity is acceptable when we publish content across the web.

Regardless of how skilled you are as a writer, your writing might contain duplicate content. Therefore, you must double-check your content forplagiarism and process it through an effective plagiarism remover. 

A plagiarism remover allows you to easily and quickly ensure that your content is unique and original. It might seem difficult to paraphrase at first, however, plagiarism remover tools can help you do everything by improving your text and making it unique. 

Stay with us to find out which AI-based plagiarism removers are recommended by the writing experts. 

Top Five AI-based Plagiarism Removers 

A Plagiarism remover is also known as an article rewriter, or sentence rephraser has a single task: to paraphrase your content to the desired level of uniqueness while maintaining the original meaning.

When you paraphrase your statements or full-length articles, you don’t only rewrite your content in a unique way, but you also craft something that's clearer and more engaging.

Plagiarism removing tools are useful if you find yourself uncertain about your writing skills and are unsure of how to change the structure of your content while retaining its meaning.

Furthermore, these tools are also helpful for those who struggle to think critically or type rapidly.

Let us provide you with in-depth insights about the five best plagiarism removers that you can leverage to achieve uniqueness and clarity in your writings:

1.    Plagiarism Remover

Plagiarism remover is an AI-based paraphraser. It can easily rewrite, reword, and paraphrase any type of text. It is a free tool that accurately removes plagiarism from any type of content without any limitations.

Whether you need to paraphrase just one sentence or an entire article, the plagiarism remover tool can handle it all with ease

The best thing about this tool is that it rephrases the content with human-level precision. This means that no one can tell whether the content is written by a human or a tool.

Because this artificial intelligence rewriter is based on natural language processing, it's considered a state-of-the-art paraphrasing tool. 

Moreover, this tool has three different paraphrasing modes: Simple, Formal, and advanced. You can select a paraphrasing mode according to the required writing style.

For instance, if you need to remove plagiarism from an academic assignment then you can rewrite it using the formal mode. 

Plagiarism Remover

A plagiarism remover is a reliable tool that offers a variety of features you will not find in other free tools. It can be used around the world as it supports 15-plus languages, which is particularly impressive. 

2.    Rephrase is an effective plagiarism remover that can paraphrase a text with accuracy and efficiency. It substitutes suitable synonyms, corrects grammatical errors, and improves sentence structures to make the given text unique. 

Its advanced AI technology rephrases the sentences and makes them unique with each click of the paraphrase button. You can get unlimited rewrites of the same text, making your content clearer and more unique.

Anyhow, keep in mind that you can remove plagiarism from only 500 words in one attempt. The word limit can increase up to 1500 words if you upgrade to a premium plan. 

It features three different rewriting modes so that you can adjust the diction, tone, and style of your writing as required.

Its rewriting modes include “fluency”, “standard”, and “creative”. You can easily specify according to which style you would like to rewrite your text. 


Remember, this tool is free to access and use. As it is effective and free, it is the top choice for writers and students without the financial means to get premium tools for plagiarism removal.

3.    Paraphrasing tool by Editpad 

Editpad offers one of the best plagiarism remover for quick paraphrasing. Its plagiarism remover uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to rewrite existing content to make it unique, clearer, and error-free. 

Editpad’s paraphrasing tool works greatly and efficiently in terms of the functionality to rewrite on phrase, sentence, and even paragraph level.

It can easily handle lengthy content and yield high-quality results. You can remove plagiarism from a full-length article in a single go. 

Paraphrasing tool by Editpad

It allows you to scan any type of content and remove plagiarism from it within seconds. Once all necessary changes have been made in the provided text, it bolds the paraphrased parts.

It supports many file types, including PDF, Word, WordPerfect, and TXT. Due to its versatility, it is useful for professional writers as well as students.

The Editpad’s paraphrasing tool is completely free of cost. Anyone can use it to quickly remove plagiarism from an unlimited number of content files. Anyhow, it will allow you to paraphrase only 1000 words at a time. 

4.    Wordtune

Wordtune is known as one of the most powerful AI-based tools for sentence rephrasing. You can easily rewrite compelling, persuasive, and captivating copy content using this tool.

For example, if you enter catchy taglines in Wordtune then it will suggest 10 different ways to improve it or rewrite it without plagiarism. 

Moreover, If you enable the Wordtune extension then it will be easier for you to get pertinent suggestions to remove plagiarism and improve content quality.

In this way, you will be able to write the best content and discover new and unique alternatives to it.


You can use Wordtune for free but it comes up with a limit. It enables the users to rewrite 18 times a day without a premium subscription. So, if you want to enjoy unlimited rewrites then you will have to switch to the premium version of Wordtune. 

5.    Jasper uses complex artificial intelligence algorithms to understand the intent in only a few seconds and rephrase the given content, accordingly.

The tool can be used to rewrite all types of content including marketing copy, web taglines, blogs, e-commerce products, or social media posts.

Thanks to the advanced AI technology, it cuts down the time required to write SEO-friendly content. Just enter your content and see how quickly it rewrites it in plagiarism-free wording with improved quality.

It efficiently shows you how much the content is unique and enables you to enhance the paraphrase level in order to rewrite it with greater clarity and originality. 

There is no doubt that by breaking the language barrier, Jasper effectively ends the writer's block. It can easily rewrite high-performing content in more than 25 different languages with absolute creativity and clarity.

Anyhow, keep in mind that it is a premium AI copywriting tool and you are required to pay in order to leverage it.


There is no doubt that writing is not an easy task. It requires a great deal of effort, time, and creativity to craft unique and appealing content.

Anyhow, creating unique content becomes easier and faster with an AI tool that assists with the writing process and paraphrases the content within seconds.

In this article, we have discussed the 5 best AI-based plagiarism removing tools that are recommended by the experts.

You can use Wordtue,, Plagiarism Remover,, or’s paraphrasing tool to remove plagiarism from your content, make it clearer, and enhance its quality as required.