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100% Working Iobit Malware Fighter 9.3 pro Key for free

Iobit Malware Fighter 9.3 pro license key is a must-have for any computer user. It can protect you from malware, spyware, and other malicious content.

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We all know that malware is one of the biggest threats online. If your system is infected with malware, you can run into all kinds of problems including your personal information being stolen or even being locked out of your own computer. I'm going to show you how to use Iobit Malware fighter 9.3 key (activation) to scan your system for malware with a free key.

If you don’t have prior knowledge about iobit malware fighter, there is no problem. I have included every steps about installing, activating and scanning. You just have to follow this guide. 

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What is iobit malware fighter?

IObit Malware Fighter 9 is a powerful and comprehensive anti-malware and virus protection program that can protect your PC from the latest spyware, adware, ransomware, Trojan horses, keyloggers, worms, hijackers, Viruses, etc. 

It is a free anti-malware and virus protection program that can provide your computer with comprehensive ransomware and various malicious file protection. Iobit Malware fighter 9.3 is one of the best free ransomware that protects users' devices from various online threats.

Key Features of Iobit malware fighter 9.3

  • Performance Scan ( Windows) 
  • Heuristics scanner 
  • Behavioral detection 
  • Real-time Protection 
  • Process management 
  • Registry editor 
  • Browser plugins 
  • Download protection 
  • Network protection 
  • Deep Web Monitoring 
  • Cloud Protection 
  • Protection against mobile malware

Review of Iobit Malware Fighter 9.3 key


Security Guard is where you can pretty much tweak how real-time application protection works. Cross-platform security features: When users install Iobit Malware Fighter instead of any other program, they also get more advanced protection features. 

The paid version - IOBit Malware Fighter 9.3 PRO also has a password-protected safe where you can store your most important files and add a second layer of protection against infections and ransomware.

Anti Malware Engine

Another feature of Pro is the "dual-core" anti-malware engine, supplemented by Bitdefender anti-malware modules to protect your computer from threats. Bitdefender partnered with IObit in 2012 to provide an anti-virus engine that guarantees the detection of more than 200 million online threats. When combined with IObit antivirus engine, it can provide you with reliable protection, and the scanning speed can be increased by up to 50%.


IObit Malware fighter 9.3 protects your data with a combination of Privacy Shield and Safe Box. It has a browser protection that warns against phishing sites, keeping you safe while browsing the web. Prevents malicious files from changing your home page or browser settings. An ad blocker also blocks ads and deletes cookies immediately.


While value for money is one of its main strengths (with its Pro version), the security solution isn't particularly short when it comes to antivirus features. IObit Malware Fighter isn't a terrible package - it's free, doesn't require registration, and does indeed detect malware, but it's also slow, lackluster and with a decidedly mediocre engine, and we don't see a compelling reason to install this package earlier than any other.

Download Protection

You may see your downloads and email attachments automatically getting scanned for threats. In addition, the user's email will receive the necessary security protection, so as to avoid various scams, viruses and threats that may come from phishing emails. After you get the results, you can quarantine the file or delete it completely to avoid problems in the future. The interface is very simple, any user can use it, even without experience in similar programs.

Real Time Protection 

Iobit Malware Fighter offers users effective real-time protection against unwanted threats such as spyware, viruses and ransomware, adware, Trojans and more. And it constantly updates its database for new malware signatures by detecting all types of viruses and safely removing them from your system. Hence, it intelligently detects the presence of ransomware and protects all files on your computer. In this release, IObit introduced its "cloud security" component, where a user can upload a file to the cloud to determine if it is malicious or not.

Free key for Iobit Malware fighter 9.3

Most  of you are scrolling through this blog post only to get the license keys. I have included all working keys of iobit malware fighter 9.3 below.

Be quick to use the following keys, otherwise they may get outdated. Consider supporting me if keys are working.

Updated License keys






License Code: A19C1-D2A88-F1F6F-0184N 

License Code: 9636A-967E5-78897-FEF44

License Code: A19C1-D2A88-F1F6F-0184N 

     Expiration Date: 2021-12-19 

License Code: 29C88-3113C-63C39-8EA4N 

     Expiration Date: 2021-12-09 

License Code: A19C1-D2A88-F1F6F-0184N 

     Expiration Date: 2020-12-18

How to install iobit malware fighter?

Don't worry, installing malware fighters is not rocket science. It is just a matter of following a few steps. Before proceeding you need to download iobit malware fighter 9.3 key free version.

The steps are as  

  • First of all install the software. 
  • After you finish installation, don't forget to update the database.
  • Once the database update completes, you can scan your computer and remove all the malware and virus present. 
  • Restart your PC and enjoy your clean and virus free PC.

How to activate iobit malware fighter?

If you are already using iobit malware fighter (without) key, then you will need to activate the software. Once you have downloaded this program, it will be very easy to activate. You can follow the steps below to activate your software:

  • Open Iobit Malware fighter 9.3
  • Click on Activate and Enter the license key
  • Hit Enter and you are done.
  • Now, enjoy pro version of malware fighter for free.

How to use iobit malware fighter?

Iobit malware fighter is an anti-malware software for your PC. It allows you to choose the program you want to scan. You can scan all processes or scan specific processes. You can also choose to scan only files that are opened by the processes.

It also helps you to scan for malicious registry entries. It has a function to send scan report to an email. This software is best suited for people who are not experienced in using anti-malware software. 

For the detailed functioning of it you may visit the official site and read documentation.


Iobit Malware Fighter 9.3 Key is a powerful and yet easy-to-use antivirus program that protects your computer from malware and other security threats. It is very simple and lightweight. 

It is easy to use and runs on Windows 11/10/8/7. Its Cloud-based Scanning feature allows you to scan your computer from any location. It has an Intelligent Behavior Blocker that stops viruses and other threats from installing on your PC. It is a completely free product.

If the above iobit malware fighter keys do not work, please do comment below. I will bring the updated list as soon as possible.