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How to Speed Up Downloads on Google Chrome? 2X Faster Downloads Easily

Learn how to speed up downloads on Google Chrome, so you can get your files faster! Find out how to increase download speeds by up to 2x.


How to Speed Up Downloads on Google Chrome

A common complaint about most internet users is slow to download speeds. With the rise of faster networks, faster computers, and faster internet connections, it might not seem like speed is an issue. But many people are still plagued by sluggish downloads.

This article will teach you how to speed up downloads on google chrome using two different methods that can be done with or without a VPN.

These are various things you can do to speed up downloads in Google Chrome but we will discuss the following methods in this blog post

  1. Update Browser
  2. Clear cache
  3. Parallel downloading option
  4. Using Google DNS
  5. Close background tabs
  6. Using Download Manager

Update Your Chrome Browser

Update Chrome

This might sound weird to you but yeah this is the first method. This may not help up to speed up your downloads speed on chrome, but there is a chance it may improve. 

Generally after updating software bugs and errors are fixed. If it's a bug that is hindering your downloads speed in chrome then after the update it will return to normalcy.

Clear Cache

Here clearing cache I do not mean only with history. If you want to speed up downloads in chrome then you must clear cache including your pc (apart from the browser) before downloading. How to do it? You can follow below simple steps to do it-

In chrome

Clear history

  1. Open Menu and go to History (Ctrl+H)
  2. Click on clear browsing data
  3. Check all and select time range to “All time
  4. Hit “Clear data

In Windows (Pc)

Your windows system (windows 8.1 onwards) creates a cache file and keeps it to improve your experience. It is a set of files that windows take help from when you repeat the same actions.

Clearing this may not be as helpful as clear history from chrome. But it would be recommended to perform this on your pc if you have never done it. How to clear it in order to speed up your downloads in google chrome.

Either you can do it with simple commands or download third-party software. Using a third-party software like CCleaner would be better because it will clean your registry too. 

Command Method:


  1. Open Run (Win+R)
  2. Type “Prefetch
  3. Select all and delete

Again open Run and type “%temp%” > Select all > Delete

CCleaner Method:

  1. Download and install cCleaner
  2. Open it from Desktop
  3. Click “Analyze
  4. Click “Run cleaner

Closing Background Tabs

When you are downloading something then you need a focused internet. I mean internet data should not get divided up between different tasks like surfing and downloading at the same time. It affects your download speed.

If you don’t have to download large files then you can skip it. But it will be helpful if you do so. Doing this will save your time and all your internet bandwidth will be used to download.

Using Google DNS

If you did not notice a significant speedup of downloads in chrome from the above methods. Then you can try this. 

Google public DNS service has been created to help speed up internet access. Essentially, what it does is bypass your ISP DNS servers and connect you to its DNS servers instead. In summary, it speeds up your browsing as it gives you fast DNS queries as compared to DNS servers from your isp.

How to do it? 

Google DNS

  1. Go to control panel
  2. Select “Network and Internet” >Network and Sharing Center
  3. Click on your Network Name
  4. Select Properties
  5. Double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  6. Click on “Use following DNS server address
  7. Input and

This will improve your download speed in google chrome. You can try other DNS servers.

Cloudflare DNS - |

OpenDNS Home - |

Quad9 - |

Parallel Downloading Option

If you did not notice a great change in the download speed with chrome then you can enable this. So what is parallel downloading? It simply means your file will be downloaded in parts parallelly. Thus this reduces time and on completion, you get your file.

To enable it follow the steps-

Parallel Downloading in chrome

1. Launch Google Chrome on your computer.

2. In Google Chrome, type “chrome://flags” in the address bar and then hit Enter.

3. With the search box find  “parallel downloading“.

4. From the Parallel downloading option click on the drop-down and select “Enabled

5. Restart your chrome browser to speed up your download

Using Download Manager

A browser has its own limit if you want to enhance your downloading speed in chrome. Then you should install a third-party extension or software.

You can install an extension named Turbo Download Manager. You can use it when downloading something.

There are various software programs to further speed up your chrome downloading. This software has multi-threads of downloading. They offer much faster download speeds when compared with all other above tweaks we have done.

I can recommend you following

You can try out the last one. It only requires installation and browser integration. Once you have completed these, you can enjoy faster downloads along with your chrome browser.

What is the Best Way to Speed Up Downloads on Google Chrome?

We learnt many methods above but did not consider any hardware aspect. Hardware matters too in your internet experience.

You might have noticed that your internet is much faster when connected to the ethernet cable rather than the WiFi. The reason behind this is that Ethernet has lower latency as compared to wifi which transfers data comparatively slow.

The best way to speed up downloads on a PC is by using an Ethernet cable or upgrading the Wi-Fi adapter. You could also try using a powerline Ethernet adapter which will create a network connection in your home without requiring you to run networking cables through walls and floors.


We’ve managed to teach you the one secret technique to getting better speeds with your internet connection. There are many ways to speed up your downloads on google chrome. The above methods are quick and easy ways to boost your connection speed.

The first method is the most direct and easy way to increase speeds. It works with an existing network of connections.

With this method, the Internet speed is boosted by using inbuilt chrome settings. This is the exact same method download managers use. This method isn’t supported by many browsers, but if you have one, it’s certainly worth giving it a try.

Now that you know how to speed up downloads in chrome on your internet connection, you’ll want to check out our other speed optimization articles.

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