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How to install SSD in HP 15 laptop? | Make Laptop Faster

Do you want to install an SSD on a laptop? A new SSD is a good idea, too. Here's a complete guide on how to install SSD on a HP 15 laptop.

  How to install SSD in HP 15 laptop?

SSDs (Solid State Drives) are the new standard for all laptops and other pc devices. The reason why SSDs are so popular is that they run much faster than standard hard drives and they weigh much less than other storage devices. SSDs are also more expensive than regular hard drives but they’re worth the small investment considering how much faster they run. If you own an HP laptop and you want to learn how to install SSD, then this guide will teach you how to do so.

What is an SSD?

What is an SSD?

SSD stands for "solid-state drive." It is a new technology that allows you to store digital data on flash memory chips. Instead of using a hard drive with a platter and spindle, SSD relies on flash memory chips. Unlike traditional hard drives, SSDs can read and write data at the same time.

How an SSD is better than HDD?


There are many benefits of the solid-state drive over the hard disk drive. This includes speed, reliability, durability, lower power consumption, and less heat production. SSD has no moving parts, so it works faster than HDD. It uses flash memory chips to store data. This type of memory is non-volatile, so it does not lose its data even without power. The solid-state drive also consumes less power than the HDD. So, it is more energy-efficient. It does not have any mechanical parts, so it is more durable too. It does not produce heat, so it lasts longer.

What are the different types of SSD?

There are two main types of solid-state drives (SSD). The first one is the traditional SATA interface that you can find on most desktop computers. The second one is a newer, faster interface - NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express).

SATA SSDs offer superior performance than mechanical hard drives, and the price has dropped significantly, they are now affordable. NVMe SSDs on the other hand is a lot faster and they offer a lot more IO slots on a single device. The price of NVMe SSDs is still a lot higher, and a lot of companies are still working on keeping the cost of the device as low as possible. To put this into perspective, a good NVMe SSD will offer speeds nearly 3 times as fast as a SATA SSD of the same generation.  

 How to Pick the right SSD to install?

SSDs are one of the greatest inventions in the history of computing. They take all your applications and open them in an instant, compared to the plodding movements of a typical hard drive. For the average consumer, SSDs are absolutely worth the investment. 

Here are some tips on how to pick the right one. Check the size of the SSD. Anywhere from 240GB to 512GB should be suitable for most PC users. The more storage, the better. 512GB is probably more than enough. Compare the read and write speeds. Don't be afraid to spend more on an SSD. It's worth it.

If you want to find the most suitable for your laptop model- you can visit Crucial Upgrade webpage and select your laptop model. Here you will get the compatible version

Crucial BX500 240 GB

In this tutorial I will be using an Crucial BX500 240 GB SSD. This is one of the best SSD in its price segment and affordable for anyone according to me.

How to install SSD on your laptop?

Installing SSD on your laptop is very easy. First of all, you need to back up your hard disk data. Keep your data safe by creating a backup.

How to transfer existing data on your SSD?

If you do not want to have a clean install. Or you may want to transfer your present windows to a new SSD. If so you can use software named Acronis to completely move your os. The process is quite easy you can learn it from the official site.

What are the prerequisites before upgrading?

  • SSD (SATA ssd for hp 15 series laptops)
  • Screw drivers (get its set, it would be better)
  • Bootable pendrive/ DVD (to install on your ssd if you didn’t transfer previous version)

How to get started installing your SSD on your laptop?

You will first need to open your laptop and remove your hard drive. The process of removing your hard drive is unique to every laptop, so you will need to refer to your user's manual. In Hp 15 series laptops the procedure is similar you can go through the below steps.

hp laptop back cover

Step1. Remove the laptop battery

Step2. Press the power button for 5s (to discharge any power still present in the circuit).

Step3. Unscrew and open the case. You can search on YouTube for the specific models.

Step4. Use a credit card like something to detach the back cover. (Be careful not to harm your laptop case).

Step5. Unscrew HDD (remove cable or brackets firstly) and replace SSD with the frame at the spot. (Handle with care otherwise it may get damaged)

installing ssd

Step6. Attach the back cover and screw up.

Once you have done all the above steps. Boot your laptop you will get to see something like- “No boot media/ disc” (only if you did not migrate old windows).

Insert your bootable Pendrive and boot.

To enter the boot device option press F9 in Hp Laptops. Select your pendrive listed there. Follow the to install Windows. It takes are 10-15 min to complete installation on SSD. In my case, it was around 13 min.

Congratulations! Now your system is ready you can check the power of the SSD.

My own review

I thought to attach my verdict so that you can feel the power of SSD.

I have an HP laptop i3 4th gen and am 6 years old. It had 1 TB HDD 5400 rpm. After installing windows 10 my pc became sluggish. I thought it may be due to some installation failure or not a powerful enough processor. Finally, I figured out it was my hard disk that was slowing my system.

I was only left with two choices either to get a new laptop or replace HDD with SSD.

My laptop used to boot up in 1 min 15s. On multitasking, pc would lag even the start menu. Notification toggle at the taskbar would take 2-3 s to open after being clicked. After booting Microsoft edge would take around 40s to open.

ssd speed test

After installing SSD my laptop boots up under 15s, with no lag fast file transfers. Now edge opens up instantly on being clicked. As you can see from the speed test. SSD is almost 5 times faster than HDD. You can imagine yourself how would experience of user will be.


In my opinion, upgrading a hard drive is a simple process that doesn't require a lot of computer knowledge. SSD boosts up work productivity. It's a great way to get a lot of life out of an old laptop. I would recommend preferring a low-space SSD over a 1 TB HDD. We hope you liked this article on how to install SSD on a hp 15 series laptop. If you face any problem, please do comment below or you can contact us from our contact page.