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100% Free License Key of Driver Booster 9.5 Pro

Driver Booster 9.5 Pro is an easy way to update drivers, this is a great tool to try. Get the license Key of Driver Booster 9 Pro here for free.
License Key of Driver Booster 9 Pro

Iobit Driver Booster 9.5 Pro is software created by Iobit.com. This software is used to update the old drivers and the outdated drivers. This software will update your computer's driver like sound drivers, video drivers, graphics drivers, laptop wireless, etc. It is one of the most useful software ever made for the user when you have a license.

I am posting this blog with a 100% working license key of driver booster 9 Pro. You can use this key to activate the software. Also, if you want to buy this software you can visit the official site.

What is Driver Booster 9.5?

Driver Booster

Driver Booster is a program that monitors your system and keeps your drivers up to date for you. It takes effort out of keeping your computer drivers up to date. It detects outdated, missing, and problematic drivers on your system, and updates them to the latest, most compatible versions.

How does Driver Booster 9.5 work?

Driver Booster is free software that automatically checks your computer's drivers and devices that need to be updated. It works by scanning your computer for missing or outdated drivers, then downloading them in the background. This way it keeps your computer in top shape, making sure that your hardware is always running at its best.

Driver Booster Features

Driver Booster features

Update WHQL certified drivers 

Driver Booster 9.5 Pro is a professional driver updater software that can automatically download and install the best-matched drivers for your computer from the cloud. With more than 8 million WHQL certified drivers, it can always provide you with a comprehensive and up-to-date list of compatible device drivers.

Fix hardware issues - sound, network, USB

Driver Booster 9.5 Pro is the best software that helps you to update outdated Windows drivers and make your PC faster, more stable, and more secure. The built-in tools can help you fix sound issues, network problems, and hardware errors. This powerful driver updater software will keep all your drivers always updated and it will speed up your PC.

1 Click Driver Updates

Driver Booster 9 Pro is an easy-to-use driver updater tool that can help you update the outdated drivers on your computer in 3 steps. It detects outdated or missing drivers, then downloads and installs them in just 1 click. With this powerful driver update tool, you can completely solve sound, network, and hardware issues by updating all the outdated drivers in 1 minute!

What’s new in Driver Booster 9.5?

  • Driver Booster 9.5 has a brand-new interface that is easier to use, and a new cloud scanning technology that helps you keep your drivers up to date.  
  • Driver Booster 9 now has smart notifications that help you keep your drivers up to date even when the program has not been launched.  
  • The program now automatically downloads all your missing drivers, and will now automatically install them for you, saving you time and effort.  
  • Driver Booster 9.5 is available now, covering more than 500,000 devices, and the team is working hard every day to make it even better.

How to Use Driver Booster 9.5?

To update drivers, you have to click the "Scan Now" button on the program window.

Wait for a couple of seconds. Then your outdated drivers shall flash before you. Click on update then let install. After driver installation completes restart your system.

When you check "Automatically download and install device drivers from the Internet", Driver Booster will search your computer for outdated or missing drivers then download and update them. Driver Booster will notify you when new driver updates are available.

License key of Driver Booster 9.5

License key of Driver Booster

When you purchase the product, you will receive the license key to unlock the features. You can set an email address. You will receive your license key in your email.

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