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Top 5 Software Giveaway Sites - Download free software

Have you ever tried a software giveaway site? We want to share such a list with you. Check out our top 5 software giveaway sites list here.
Top 5 Software Giveaway Sites

I'm sure you have downloaded software from the Internet for free at least once. But have you ever thought about the legality of doing so? You are aware of the fact that you are stealing, right? Well, in this blog, we'll look at the top 5 software giveaway sites where you can download any software you like. Yes. Any. We'll also look at how you can legally own the software without paying a single cent in the process.

What are software giveaway sites?

Well, the best way to describe a software giveaway site is. A place where you can download quality software completely free of charge. There are a number of these sites and they all work by offering the software for free. And then looking for ways to make money from it. Most commonly, they will display advertisements and then collect money from the site sponsors. Others will offer hugely discounted software that is then sold to the sponsor.

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Why would a developer allow software giveaway sites?

It's a cheap way to get new users for your product. The giveaway sites are free to use and you only pay if the product is successfully downloaded. The users you generate this way are usually higher quality than other sources because they download it for free.

Why would a user want to visit a software giveaway website?

Software giveaway sites offer a massive amount of free, safe, and secure software downloads for a wide variety of operating systems. Having a large collection of free computer programs, for a number of PCs and mobile devices. It is a great way to save money for the future. 

Saving money on software means that those funds can be used for other things. Such as paying for something else, or saving the money for the future. The Internet has made finding free software downloads a relatively easy task. There are a number of websites that offer software for download, all free of charge. Having so many programs at one's disposal can save a person a great deal of time and money every year.

The Top 5 software giveaway sites you should be on:



SharewareOnSale is an amazing site for anyone who wants to download and try out any of the latest or previously released software programs. While there are some free software downloads available on their website, sometimes people like to try out full versions of paid programs. Before deciding whether they want to add it to their product collection. When that happens, we recommend taking advantage of the discounts available on this website. By downloading one or more discounted software while it lasts!

Features :

  • All major software giveaways
  • Discounted offers to various software
  • Safe - Provides custom downloader cum installer
  • Email notification of daily offers

Link to official Sharewareonsale site:

Official Website



GiveAwayOfTheDay is a company that provides paid PC software for free. They offer one or two software every day which are available for download on their website and on their mobile apps on Android and iOS for a period of 24 hours and are absolutely free during that time. The version of the software offered is not a trial but a registered full version. This means you can try it out as many times as you like without worrying about things like needing to purchase it or losing your data if you uninstall it before the 24-hour deadline runs out.

Features :

  • Giveaway of pc, mac software and games
  • Has giveaway section for android apps and games
  • License free no need of activation - Just download and use.
  • Contest to acquire some premium giveaways
  • Section for free softwares too.

Link to official Giveawayawayoftheday site:

Official Website



Net-Load offers a variety of information about a number of topics from computer technology related to web design. And these areas, to issues relating to other business ventures. This free site offers the full version of the software that it provides for free. And does so for 3 days up to a month-long. In addition, this website features over many articles. These range from subjects such as iPhones and iPads, Windows, MS Office products plus much more.

Features :

  • Covers most of the giveaways
  • Discount and offers to various software
  • Also provides ebook giveaways

Link to official Net-Load site:

Official Website



Giveawaysnetworks has long provided the latest technology to users around the globe for free. And the site you're on right now was built using a few of those tools. Giveawaysnetworks also offers full software as part of its collection of software giveaway editions. This is among the safest download websites and presents Windows and Mac versions of each product available. The website usually provides a single-user license for up to one year for each piece of software it gives away.


It is no longer updating and providing giveaways! (As of April 2022)

Link to official Giveawayawaysnetworks site:

Official Website

Tickcoupon Giveaway


Tickcoupon provides software giveaway deals that are available for PC / Mac / Mobile / iOS & Android devices. It also publishes news regarding software development for developers. sites about new technology or advancements in the industry.

Features :

  • All major software giveaways
  • Discounted offers to various software
  • Also provides giveaways for mac and mobile
  • Coupons for various deals

Link to official Tickcoupon Giveaway sites:

Official Website

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Can you trust them?

Yes, you can download any software from the giveaway sites legally for free. But you have to read the terms and conditions before downloading any software from the internet. Some of the giveaway sites offer software that is cracked or illegally obtained. You should avoid them. You can check the giveaway sites for the most trusted ones. If you use the top 5 giveaway sites for downloading software. There is a great chance that they will offer you legitimate software.

The 3-step process to download free software.

First of all visit any one of the top 5 giveaway sites. Now go through these steps to download available software

  1. Select the software from the category or page
  2. Click on the claim or download it option
  3. Fill in the information they demand particularly email id and download will start then.

Everything is done now install the software you downloaded on your pc and you are done. Enjoy using premium software without any piracy and virus.

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Conclusion : Best software giveaway sites

We hope you enjoyed this list of top 5 software giveaway sites. It is known, there are many software giveaway sites out there, but these are the top 5 that we came across. We hope you found the software you were looking for. If not, maybe you can find it on one of the other sites listed. Happy downloading!