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How to replace colour in an image with photoscape x ?

How to replace colour in an image with photscape x? Learn to replace the color in an image or an object in photo using photoscape x.
How to replace color?

In this blog post I am going to show how to replace color in an image. Basically changing the color of an object or part which has a common color in it. In general people do this in their daily life either through a website or  any complicated professional software such as photoshop and many other paid professional software, apps.


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It is very complex to change color of a part or object in photoshop. First you need to select it I mean mark it. Then use color picker to identify the color after that remove it and then colourify it.

 Here I will be teaching you a simpler and straight forward method to replace color within couple of minutes. Our final result will be no different from a professional one. If you doubt it then you must give it a try yourself.

So, the software that I will be using is PhotoScape x pro. You can get it from internet by just googling it in no time. Even if you want a direct link then just download it here.

Download Link:   Click Here

You can download it from Microsoft store too

After download just install it in your pc laptop and get yourself ready for the tutorial.

What is PhotoScape X?

Before heading towards the tutorial first let us understand what is PhotoScape X. It is basically a software similar  to software like photoshop, gimp, Krita etc. This software is more likely inclined towards optimization of photos and scene rather than on designing. It is very light weight as compared to photoshop and gimp. You can get an idea from its installation setup size which is just less than 300  MB.

Why PhotoScape x?

As earlier I mentioned it is free lightweight simple straight forward to use therefore we will be using this software. Apart, from that in my opinion this is best for beginners. And for those who don't have much time for photo editing. This is a good way rather than going online for photo editing. Because every time you go online and upload your photo as well as risk your privacy. So let's get started.

How to replace color?

Now go through this step by step tutorial and you will understand it easily.
Firstly open PhotoScape from icon over desktop or you can search it from windows search. Then you will get a dark window with three options in the middle and a left side bar. You can use either way to navigate your photo and open it. Just open it and move to next step.

Now go to the adjustment section given on left side bar, as show with green pointer in the screenshot below this paragraph. After click this will expand itself.

Now, after expanding it you will get a number of tools. Among all of these tools you have to locate replace color tool. You can see I have highlighted it with a red box in the screenshot below this paragraph. Simply click on it to open


After opening here comes the main step of this method. You will see different color and a color picker icon before all these color box. See the screenshot below highlighted with red pointer. After clicking the picker move it to your image and click on the color you want to replace.


After it's done you will notice suddenly  color change you can choose your desired color from the color pallet by adjusting the position on it. It is highlighted by first red arrow. After you are done now click on apply to make it final.

Now just save the image, you can see the save icon a the end of right side bar. As pointed with green pointer in the screeshot below this paragraph.
Click on save as and make sure to save it in jpeg or png format. You can save it in other formats too.
Everything is done, you can now see and compare the final and original images. I have attached mine below this paragraph.                                                                                              
How to replace color
Final Image

How to replace color
Original Image


So you saw how easy it was to replace the color in an image with PhotoScape X. We could have also used other tools but as this saves our time hence everyone must go for it. At last, I would like to ask your opinion. How much would you like to rate this software and this method please do comment below. If you face any problem then feel free to contact us from here.