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How to remove image background with CutOut 6?

Learn how to remove background from an image using cut out 6.


How to remove background with cutout

We often need to remove backgrounds from our various images in our daily life for social media sharing to various form fill ups such as changing background from our portrait image or making a signature.

To remove background we generally take the help of internet because we have no other options to quickly and effectively remove the background but at times either we do not get the desired result or we have too large file to upload it to the website, sometimes we have some confidential photos which we can not risk to upload it to any third party website.


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So we are left with only one software in our mind which is photoshop. Using Photoshop to remove or replace background is not a cake walk we need to know about many tools and how to systematically use them, therefore I have found a solution to this problem that is quickly remove background with a light weight software called CutOut.

What is CutOut?

CutOut is a software created by a company named Franzis, according to them you can cut out pictures/photos precisely, arrange pictures perfectly into the picture montages and eliminate unwanted parts with just a mouse click.

This software stands up to its point as I have used it, in this tutorial I will be using CutOut version 6. You can get this software online for free and can also avail it from some giveaway sites. I download it from a site during giveaway.

Why to use CutOut?

As I already mentioned after eliminating the point of online background removal we are only left with software such as photoshop which are not free as well as not light weight which can not be installed on every pc. So here comes this software as a savior to our problem, hence we are using cutout 6 to remove our background.

How to download and install CutOut 6?

You can google it and get its free version easily but wait I will be giving its premium version for free, It is giveaway version and only for personal use therefore it is a clear disclaimer do not use it for any commercial use because violates the terms and policy of CutOut.

Download Link: Click Here

 I don’t think there is any need to explain how to install it but even if any faces any problem then do comment or mail me. You can get mail from here.

Note: Hurry up to download as it is a limited time time offer.

How to remove Background?

Just follow the steps as given below and you will get through it easily.

 First of all after installing CutOut open it and from left sidebar navigate the photo to be worked up you can also drag the photo directly into the opened window of CutOut. After navigating it right click on the photo and click on the second option "Cut Out".

Cutout 6
After doing this you will get another short sized window having three options, choose the second option called Inside/Outside edge matting as highlighted in the screenshot below. Please note that only choose the options as shown otherwise you will end up with different tools and no background removal.
Cutout 6
After completing all previous steps you will finally arrive at a window with your photo opened now navigate to settings and parameter option as given on top right side. You can see it in the screenshot below with a green pointing arrow
Cutout 6
After this click on the polygon selection tool as show with red arrow in the screenshot below this paragraph. You can also choose free form selection tool but that will be difficult to use so it is advised to only use use polygon tool, this will give you better result. 

Now comes the most important part to this process, you have to mark a closed loop around the object and it must be just inside the border that is 1 cm inside from viewers point of view. Do not mark very side or just over the border. You can see the green marking as shown in the screenshot around the plate and just inside, in the same way you have to do it with your own photo.

Cutout 6
Again you have to select another tool after deselecting the previous one as shown with red pointer in the screenshot given below. Now you have to mark just outside the border of the object you can see as i have marked in the screenshot.

After you are done with all step now its time to get your result, You can see an option in the right side just below the curve with a play button called Matting, click on it and wait for few seconds to remove the background. In the mean time rest your hands.

Cutout 6

Here comes the final photo without background you can see in the screenshot below. Final photo looks like it has been professional edited (background removal) there seems no glitch or color overflow. If you face any problem after matting then mail me here I will get you as soon as possible. After this click on Apply and return given in the bottom of right side and you are done.

Cutout 6
You can also change the background with your own background but as this tutorial was only for background removal therefore I will be saving it as it is. You can save by clicking save result as pointed with a green arrow. You can use it anywhere as it saves in the jpeg/ png formats.
Cutout 6

If you don't want to get involved in these tools I have another way to remove background, please read it here.

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So you saw how we removed the background from the image very easily and it hardly took 2 minutes to do it, isn’t it better than going online or using Photoshop. I like this software and have been using it for past 6 months. At last do not forget to comment how it helped it. If you like it then definitely you should share it in your friend and group circles. For more such posts please do visit my website regularly.