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How to remove background from image?

There are several ways two remove background from an image, in this article we will use inpixio to remove background from an image.

Remove background from image

There are several ways two remove background from an image. Such as through online websites which you can easily find through googling eg- . Removing background from a website may seem very quick and easy method to remove background from any photo. But there are certain limitations to it such as you can not control what part to remove. And if you want to replace the background with another background then you can’t do it.

Using online websites to remove background may risk your privacy. Because first you will have to upload your image/photo to their sites and then proceed to remove, the background. There is no guarantee that they will not store your data. They might store it and sell it to third party companies.

If you don’t have anything confidential information in your photo then you may use it at your own risk. By the way I would like to tell you that there is nothing called free in market. Either you are paying them for their service or compromising with your privacy or your data.

Here in this blog post, I will be telling you how to remove background with a software which is safe. And its secure as compared to online websites.


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To remove background from photos you can find a bunch of software on internet. These software have a number of useless tools unless you are a pro in this field. Here I am going to use a software which has very simple interface to use. This software requires no expertise only thing you require is to download and install it.

Inpixio Photo Cutter

The software which I am talking about is inpixio photo studio. It has a software called inpixio photo cutter and photo editor, here you have to use cutter one.

Inpixio Photo Studio

Follow the rest steps to use it:-

First of all after installing this software you have to open it. And remember to open photo cutter do not misunderstand it with photo editor which has a different purpose.
After opening you will get an interface which will look like as shown below. But in your there will not be pre showing projects or images. Now you have to click open and locate your image to remove background.

Inpixio Photo Cutter

After opening you will see a red inverted pen tool on right side bar. As shown with marked arrow in below screenshot. This tool is for marking the portion of image's part which you intended to remove.

 Do not mark every where first you have to mark place which covers more area and have common color.

The second arrow as shown in screenshot points toward the brush size adjusting tool. You can use it accordingly your image.

Remove background from image

Here below in the image as you can see I have marked few portions  red and in the right side bar at upper side you can see how final image looks after removing that part.

Remove background from image

As you can see below in the screenshot. I have used arrows where you have to use short sized brush to mark red those areas. And finally you can see at upper side the image looks background less. Isn't it amazing it looks gorgeous now you can use your own background according to your need.

Remove background from image

Finally you can see how it looks after removing the background from our original image.
By the way I forgot to tell you that you can use feather option below the size adjusting tool.

You should use this tool only when you have to smoothen your cropped image. Or if the edges do not match and look like cropped out of something.

Remove background from image


So we saw how can we remove background from a photo without going to any online website. This software is very useful to remove background from our day to day pictures. Note this is not a professional tool. It can not produce professional output with a complicated image where there is not a common discrete color.

Don't worry I have another way to crop background of such images.