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Best Download Manager for pc | Top Download Manager

Best Download Manager for pc. Learn About Ant Download Manager's features. How it is better than IDM. Also Download its pro version for free.

Download managers make our downloading job from the internet not only quicker but also easier. And this software also provides better management tools like categorizing them by their file type, controlling download speed, etc.

While using the internet we come across various websites where we need to download. Download software directly through our browsers is very slow. And if we have to download multiple things, it becomes quite cumbersome.

Here comes the role of downloader manager, they enhance the downloading speeds. It becomes easier to queue the files to be downloaded through them. We can also prioritize our downloading entities with configurable download speeds. These download managers also have options to schedule our downloads. This feature is really helpful



The best part of using these download managers is the pause and resume option. This option makes our task simpler when we run out of data or time, even during power outages in case of emergency.

You might be in search of this software that is why you arrived here. I have been using download managers for more than 5 years. I feel worthy enough to guide anyone in this aspect. Often people come across IDM (Internet Download Manager), this is one of the most popular download managers. But it only lasts for 30 days in the trial offer.

People manage to get it from third-party crack software providers. It is highly non-advisable to download as it contains viruses, trojans, malware, etc.

Here I am going to provide you best alternative to IDM

Ant Download Manager

Ant Download Manager

What is Ant Download Manager

As the name suggests it is a download manager similar to an internet download manager. This is the best download manager for pc in my opinion. I am not sponsoring it. I have used it for years before writing this article.
Let's learn why it is better than the internet download manager.

Ant Download Manager Features

Ant Download Manager

  • High speed downloading
  • File Management
  • Video Download
  • Audio Download
  • Torrent Download
  • Download Scheduler
  • Pause and Resume Downloads

Why is ant download manager better than IDM?

Ant Download Manager

From the above features, you might have just noticed only torrent downloads different from IDM. But it is not the only feature different from IDM.
Let's try to dig deeper:
Ant Download manager offers you to download .m3u8 videos but IDM can't. This is the feature that made it better than any other download manager on the internet. If you never tried it, go to any streaming video site and try to download the stream with IDM. It won't work. But Ant Download Manager does this work easily.

There is a well-dedicated box for such types of downloads in ant download manager.

Another feature where ant download manager has edged is its support for debrid premium link generators.



How to download Ant Download Manager?

Ant Download Manager

You can download it directly from the ant download manager's site. Wait, by direct downloading you will get a trial version. This trial version will have all premium features but for just 30 days. After 30 days it will become a free version.
I am going to give you its giveaway version. This version will have all premium features except one update. I don't think we need it. This kind of offer keeps coming with an updated versions from time to time. Don't Worry I will be providing you its updated version in the future.

Giveaway link: Click Here

How to install it?

Step1. Download from the above link
Step2. Extract the compressed file with WinRAR or WinZip
Step3. Read the text file (If it says to register somewhere then go to the link to register it.)
Step4. Just install it and you are done
Step5. Integrate it with your browser.

How to integrate it with the browser?

How to integrate ant download manager

After installing it just open it and you will see an option for integration with chrome and Firefox icons. Click on the icon of the browser type you have and then select integrate into the option. You are done, enjoy downloading.

Which Gives Better Speed IDM vs Ant ?

Speed depends on various factors such as your internet connection, no. of threads, and many more. A download manager can not provide you better connection but can optimize the existing. There is no sharp boundary to this comparison it depends from sites server to server. But I can say from my personal view ant the download manager is on the upper side when downloading streams. It gives the same speed but is not faster than IDM. This does not mean it lags. I have used it and both give the same result.


Ant is the best download manager for pc, you learn it from this article. I bet you will be enjoying downloading videos and streams with it, this is the best feature which lacks in any other internet download manager. When I encountered this problem I went on researching, at last, I got this software. Thus, I thought it must be shared with those who need it.