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Edge vs Chrome: Which Browser Should You Use?

Should you use Edge vs Chrome? Which browser is better? The answer is tough, but here's an in-depth look at your best options.


Edge vs Chrome
Edge vs Chrome

People who love browsing on the Internet for hours know how important a web browser is for their needs. A web browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is like a gateway to the virtual world. People use them to search for information, watch videos, play games, and much more. 

Edge is Microsoft's latest browser, but is Microsoft edge better than chrome? In this blog, we compare it with the market-leading Google Chrome to see which one comes out on top. This comparison between edge vs chrome looks at the different aspects of each browser to see how they perform.


What is a web browser?

A web browser is an application or pc software for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.  It is an application that allows you to access internet web pages.  It works by receiving a description of a web page from a web server, downloading the web page content for viewing, and displaying that web page on your monitor.  The web browser is sometimes called a "browser".  

A web browser on a personal computer is typically used to view content produced with a web browser on a remote server.  Via the web browser, you can view web servers, web pages, websites, and other web documents.  You can enter a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that specifies the web server and web page you wish to view, or you can simply view the web page as you would with any other application.

All about Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge is a new browser that you can use to open web pages. It is the newest browser that is made to replace Internet Explorer. Since it is a new browser, there are a few things that you may not know at first when you use it.

The Microsoft Edge, officially called Microsoft Edge is an upcoming web browser that is designed for Windows 10 to Microsoft and Windows OS phones. This page will show you what is new in Microsoft Edge. In Microsoft Edge, you will get much more out of your browsing experience than what you are currently getting in Internet Explorer. Microsoft has brought many new features to it.

Edge is a new web browser from Microsoft, which is currently in the Technical Preview stage. It is very good and has many new features. I have listed down some of its features below: 

1. Pinned sites: Pin your favorite sites to the start menu and taskbar so they're always just a click away. 

2. Cortana integration: You can search the web using Cortana. This feature is available only when the language is set to English (United States). 

3. Writing on the web: Write directly on web pages. 

4. Reading mode: This feature is available only in EPUB books. 

5. Better password management: Save and organize your passwords in Edge. 

6. Read Aloud: Read the content in the current tab out loud. 

7. New tab page: Beautiful and personal with a daily refreshing background.

8. See your top sites with badges: See your top sites with badges under the search address on the homepage.

9. Tab preview bar: Quickly skim through open tabs. 

10. History: View your browsing history easily with an option in the navigation bar directly.


All about Google Chrome

google chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser designed by Google for Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems. The browser is also available on mobile phones, and various other devices like Google TV, Google Watch, and Android. The browser was first released on September 2, 2008. Since then, it has come a long way and it has been a major competitor to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Google Chrome is a fast, secure, and free web browser, built for the worldwide web. Here are a few key features that make it great: 

- Fast: Google Chrome launches pages in an instant and runs web applications faster than you can say 'Google Chrome'. 

- Safe: Get automatic updates and a safe browsing experience. 

- Easy: A simple, clean design makes it easy to get what you want quickly. 

- Discover: Find things online without having to download new software. 

- Synchronize: Your bookmarks, passwords, and preferences are synced across all your devices. 

- Widely Used: Over a billion people around the world use Chrome. Google Chrome is free and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Edge vs Chrome

  • Speed
Edge is a little bit faster than chrome, we ran both edge and chrome on the speedometer website. This test benchmarks how fast a browser can execute repetitive tasks.

chrome speed test result

edge speed test result

  • Resource Consumption
In this test, edge beats chrome by a huge margin. A single tab with this site edge consumes nearly 200 MB ram whereas chrome runs it in more than 212 MB memory. With multiple tabs edge again beats chrome. 

chrome ram consumption

edge ram consumption

  • Extensions
When it comes to extension support chrome has an upper hand over the edge. Since chrome has been there for a long time therefore by default it ought to have a huge extension store. Edge is working on it and in the future will provide support for more extensions from the official Microsoft store.

As the edge is a chromium-based browser, it supports all extensions that the chrome browser supports. So no need to be disappointed. 

  • Security
Edge provides better options here. By default, the edge is incorporated with the windows defender smart screen to safeguard your experience from malicious pop-ups and notifications. Chrome does not have such a feature, you can use it with internet security software.

  • Privacy
Again edge is better when it comes to privacy. It allows you to control how private you want to be, I mean Basic, Balanced, and Restricted. It blocks trackers. Chrome allows has good options for privacy but one can choose according to his/her requirement.

  • Other Features
Chrome has a sync option you can sync between devices with a Google account. Edge supports it but you can only use it with edge-compatible systems. 

  1. Edge has sleeping tabs option but chrome doesn't.
  2. It has option for you to choose automatic history clearing every time your close it.
  3. One can search with sidebar search option simultaneously browsing in edge.
  4. Edge allows choosing custom inbuilt DNS.
  5. Every browser has the ability to read pdf files but the edge is way head than others. Edge has tools to annotate your pdf i.e. mark, highlight, erase.
  6. You can take notes with inbuilt Collections features in Edge but not in chrome.
  7. One can take screenshots with edge's capture tools but in chrome, you would need to install an extension.

  • System Compatibility
Chrome is compatible with almost every os (Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/iOS). But the edge is only compatible with Windows (Including windows phones) and Android.

My experience with each Browser

I used to use chrome but I switched to edge after I started to notice how much of an effect chrome had on my computer and my internet speed. I noticed a great difference from the beginning. My computer ran faster, smoother and I was overall happier. I've personally noticed that my battery lasts longer and I'm able to get a lot more done with fewer distractions, crashes, and problems. I would recommend Microsoft edge over chrome to anyone who needs something simple and easy to use.

Which Browser Should You Use?

I was looking for a new browser that would be faster, more secure, and have less of a footprint than my current one. I came across a web browser which is an open-source browser that is based on chromium and chromium is used as the basis for Google Chrome. So if you are a Chrome user, you will notice many similarities between the two and the transition will be seamless. I can honestly say that this browser is blazing fast with the lowest memory usage compared to others. After using the web browser for the past month, I don't see myself going back to chrome. It's always up to your comfort that must lead your decision regarding google chrome vs edge. 



Chrome is a great browser, but it is not without its faults. Microsoft Edge is a browser that is getting better with each update. And it is getting better with each new feature. It is a browser that is improving. If you have not tried Edge, you should try it.

We hope you enjoyed our blog comparing Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome. We hope you got some great information on the benefits of both browsers and how you can choose the better option for you. If you have any further questions regarding chrome vs new edge, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Thank you for reading chrome vs Microsoft edge, we love to hear your feedback!